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What would happen if kids grew up loving themselves?


How would that impact our
families, communities, schools,
and the world?

What would happen if kids grew up loving themselves?


How would that impact our families, communities, schools, and the world?

Welcome to the Emotion Guide Collective — the online membership community for parents, counselors, educators, and other helpers who guide children through big emotions.

First, take a moment to acknowledge the gift you already are to kids, families, and our communities.

Now, take a moment and imagine the impact we have and can have collectively.

What can kids who grow up loving themselves create and accomplish? What can we, as the adults who guide them, create when we have more support?

Everyone hits obstacles and bumps in the road.

When your mind is awhirl searching for anything that might help the child struggling in front of you with their big emotions, where do you turn?

Imagine a virtual park bench where there’s a seat for you anytime you get stuck and are uncertain about how to help the kids in your life.

You can share what’s going on, what you’ve tried so far, what’s worked, and what hasn’t worked.

Soon others join you there. In fact, you’ll be joined by people with a diverse array of experience.

Parents, educators, clinicians, and others, all sharing their experience, knowledge, and stories of how they navigated similar challenges.

They’re not giving you advice and telling you what you “should” be doing.

They care about your wellbeing and openly share so that you have what you need to find your own solutions.

This is what we’re creating in the Emotion Guide Collective. 

We Help You Turn Your “Now What?” Into “I Got This.”

The Emotion Guide Collective makes it easy to get trusted answers to your questions so you have the peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to emotionally guide your children, students, or clients.

Our exclusive zero-distraction community gives you access to support, connection and conversation without the *squirrel* distraction of a million other things in your newsfeed.

It’s a judgement-free community that values diverse perspectives. We know there is always more than one right approach. We embrace curiosity looking to answer, “What works for this child in this moment?”

You Get Specific and Personalized Support.

You’ll be able to get right-on-time answers to your questions so you can confidently make decisions about how to tend to your growing person’s emotions.

You won’t have to sort through a Google search, wait for Amazon to deliver your book, or schedule an appointment with a professional to get answers to your burning questions.

You get personalized support instead of generic information from whatever page you land on in Google that you then you need to sift through to figure out how or if it fits for you in your situation.

You don’t have time to hunt for solutions. You’ll have access as we build our library of resources and activities to teach children emotion regulation skills.

You’ll Get Other Emotion Guides In Your Corner.

It’s about connection! Tap into awesome brain power, support and inspiration from counselors, parents, educators and others who are committed to guiding children through their emotions.

You don’t have to figure this out alone. Having the support of others who “get it” can make all the difference.

The Emotion Guide Collective is people-powered. We’re not about inundating you with static information. We’re about helping you connect with people so you can work together to untangle your challenges.

You’ll Have Peace Of Mind Around What’s Next.

Children are constantly developing and evolving. You’ll have ongoing support and solutions at your fingertips so you can confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape of children’s emotions.

The tools, strategies and techniques that help them today may not be relevant tomorrow. After you master one challenge, a new one may emerge.

You’ll have the peace of mind that the Emotion Guide Collective is there for you whenever you need it.

The Emotion Guide Collective is where we gather to co-create a knowledge base of real-world experience, practical learning, and creative ideas to guide children through emotions.

You’ll Look Forward To All Of This When You Join Us:


  • Exclusive access to our zero-distraction online community so you can get answers, ideas, and inspiration.
  • Invitations to online Emotion Guide Talks on subjects like anxiety, anger, disappointment, perfectionism, negative thinking, self-compassion and much more.
  • Access to our app (available via the App Store or Google Play) so you can take your support network wherever you go.
  • Invitations to members-only virtual events like roundtable discussions, Q&As, and guest expert presentations.
  • Access to a monthly printable hands-on activity for kids on themes like emotional awareness, coping tools, communication and more, which have only been available to my private clients until now.
  • Connections to local members so you can meet fellow Emotion Guides close to where you live.
  • Access to a growing community where you know you’re not alone in your effort to guide kids. You give a lot, this is the place to fill your cup too.
Your Founding Member Invitation

The Emotion Guide Collective exists to nurture those entrusted with tending to children’s emotions on their journey to be confident emotion guides.

As a founding member, you’ll be part of the first group of people joining the Emotion Guide Collective.

If you’re excited about what we’re building here and want to be part of it from the start, I’d love to invite to join us in the Emotion Guide Collective.

Your Founding Member Rate

A founding member perk is joining the Emotion Guide Collective at the best rate you will ever see AND you’ll lock in your founder’s pricing for as long as you remain a member.

Your founding member rate is $14.99 monthly or $149.99 annually.

Get two months free when you choose the annual membership.

Are you ready to create a world where children grow up loving themselves — together?


What is the commitment?
You are committing to a monthly or annual, depending on your choice, subscription to the Emotion Guide Collective. You can cancel your member subscription and leave the Emotion Guide Collective anytime. Inside the membership, click the “cancel your subscription” link and your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current billing period.
Is this for (insert specific age) kids or kids with (insert specific diagnosis)?
The Emotion Guide Collective is focused on guiding all kids through emotions and is not dependent on the inclusion or exclusion of specific diagnoses. We celebrate the uniqueness of every child and honor how they are wired.

Our initial focus is children ages 4-14. At this time we are not creating resources for infants, toddlers, or older adolescents.

Where is the Emotion Guide Collective hosted? Is it private?
We are not just another Facebook group! The Emotion Guide Collective is a private community hosted on Mighty Networks. You can access the community easily either on your desktop or through the mobile app. Only members of the Emotion Guide Collective are able to access the content inside.
Can I talk to someone about Emotion Guide Collective?
Yes, send me an email at kim@growingupconfident. If it’s a quick question, I’ll reply to your email. If it’s a longer conversation, I’ll send you the information to schedule a phone call so we can discuss if the Emotion Guide Collective is a good match for you.
Where can I learn more about guiding children through emotions?
In the articles on my website, Growing Up Confident, I share stories, tips, tools, techniques, and strategies about guiding children through emotions. You can learn more there.

It’s Nice to “Meet” You.


Hi! I’m Kim Lange, founder of the Emotion Guide Collective.

I’ve been guiding kids through their emotions for over 23 years… first, as a special education teacher and for the past 18 years as a child and adolescent therapist.

In fact, except for a brief stint as a pizza delivery driver back in the mid 1990’s, every job I’ve ever held has been in service of children and their families.

In 2006, I opened my private practice in the coastal town of Wilmington, NC.

Through my work with my private clients, I created the Calming Compass©, a kid’s coping tool map and subsequently an online program to expand parents knowledge and skills for guiding their children through big emotions.

Why am I sharing this with you? It’s because all of this brought me to today… Me and you “meeting” each other online and talking about the Emotion Guide Collective.

Writing this to you now, my heart beats a bit faster, as I excitedly search for the words to explain why I’m starting the Emotion Guide Collective.

I’d be thrilled if we positively impacted one child’s life, but how cool would it be, if together, we impact the world?

Kids need adults who are there with and for them when they are experiencing big emotions.  Adults they can talk to about the hard stuff. Adults who take responsibility for tending to their own emotions and who know how to respond instead of react during challenging moments.  Adults who can model and teach them emotional regulation skills.

What is possible when children grow up to be self-aware, compassionate, emotionally intelligent, and resilient adults?

Let’s create a world where we celebrate the uniqueness of every child. A world where kids can be unapologetically themselves.

A world where kids grow up loving who they are and where their struggles are no longer seen as an indication of their wrongness, but rather a signal that we as adults need to step up, challenge our beliefs, make new choices and provide a new type of support and guidance.

What might’ve been different for you, if this had been your foundation growing up?

You weren’t meant to do this in isolation.

The Emotion Guide Collective can be your cozy online community where you care for the children in your life, nurture yourself, and find solutions that work for you.

Together, we are creating a world where children grow up loving themselves.

If you want to be part of something that can really create change, I can’t wait for you to join us and get your first peek inside the Emotion Guide Collective.

See you inside!

Have Questions?  Contact me here.